How Many Cups Are in a Cereal Bowl?

How many cups does a cereal bowl hold? I should say that the answer actually depends on the size of your cereal bowl since there’s no universal size for the cereal bowls that each of us uses.

If we want to give a more general answer to the question how many cups are in a cereal bowl, then we would say that a cereal bowl has the capacity of 1 to 3 cups. Maybe even up to 4 cups if we use a very big bowl.

The type of cereal we’re eating will also influence this answer.

If we pour 2 cups of oatmeal in a bowl it’s certainly not the same as pouring two cups of corn flakes.
Corn flakes are voluminous and airy. They take up a lot of space in a bowl without eating a big quantity.
On the other hand, eating 2 cups of oatmeal is a serious challenge.

Another thing that influences how many cereals you actually end up eating, no matter what bowl size you use, is how much milk or liquid (some might prefer veggie/fruit juices or plain water) you add to your cereals.

If you like the liquid more than the cereals themselves, then you’re going to end up adding maybe 2 cups of dairy/non-dairy milk or other type of liquid and up to a cup of cereal, if you eat cereal from a bigger bowl.

How Many Cups Are in a Cereal Bowl? Types of Bowls

how many cups in a cereal bowlLet’s leave aside what type of cereal each of us might enjoy for breakfast. And let’s also leave aside how much liquid we prefer adding to our cereals. These are pretty personal options and I can’t guess how everyone likes their cereal.

But one thing we can define is the type of cereal bowls we might have in the house.

Their size more specifically.

10 oz cereal bowls

That’s probably the tiniest size I would recommend for cereal bowls. But they can be absolutely perfect for some people.

This size is perfect if you’ve decided that you want to eat smaller portions.

Or if you’re trying a healthier diet of not-so-tasty cereals and you just don’t want to see a big bowl in front of you and feel daunted by it.

They’re also a good choice for big families where some members have a tendency to add to their bowls more than they can actually eat. It’s a good way to prevent waste.

And they’re great if you don’t want your kids to eat too many cereals each morning. Maybe they would also enjoy some fruits on the side or a soft boiled egg or whatever else you can think of.

A 10 oz cereal bowl has a 1.25 cup capacity. Doing half a cup of milk with half a cup of cereal is pretty awesome.

They can also work for smoothie bowls. The smaller capacity means that you don’t have to make that much thicker smoothie to be served as smoothie bowls, especially if you have several family members who want them in the morning.

You can get a set of 6 10 oz bowls for less than $20.

18 oz cereal bowls

The next size is 18 oz cereal bowls. If we were to answer the question how many cups in a cereal bowl in this case, we would say that they have a 2.25 cups capacity.

It’s another good size. It might be just perfect for some, not too big but not too small either.

We can also use these bowls for soups, stews, chili, etc.

The price for 6 of these is around $20, they’re not too expensive but I’m sure you could find cheaper options, as well.

22 oz cereal bowls

This is actually a very popular size for cereal bowls.

22 oz cereal bowls have the capacity of 2.75 cups. Thus, they’re very close to holding 3 cups, which is a good size.

They’re certainly better for people who enjoy a good amount of cereal in the morning.

Plus, they’re a nice choice for people who enjoy a lot of milk or liquid in their cereal. You could pour up to 2 cups and still have enough space for the dry ingredients.

Their larger size also makes them better for serving other dishes: ramen, soups, stews, chili, noodle dishes, desserts, etc.

What I also noticed is that most 10 oz & 18 oz bowls are usually white. They’re very cute and durable and well made but the white color is a bit predominant for these two smaller sizes.

On the other hand, 22 oz cereal bowls can be very impressive, quite glamorous.

For example, Le Tauci has a very beautiful design for 3 bowl sizes: 4.5 inch, 6 inch, and 7 inch. Each corresponds to 12 oz, 22 oz, and 38 oz.

The embossed design is certainly beautiful and they’re made from ceramic. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

However, the prices aren’t cheap. It seems that a beautiful design and high-quality materials cost quite a bit, around $40-$50.

24 oz cereal bowls

The next size is 24 oz cereal bowls which have the capacity of 3 cups.

They’re nice and deep. Their depth is the main attractive point, whether we use them for cereal, pasta, soups, stews, fruits, rice and noodles, etc.

Some would say that we can eat without splashing out.

28 oz cereal bowls

At a 3.5 cups capacity, we’re veering towards the big size cereal bowls.

Personally, I found this capacity just too big. I don’t eat that much cereal or even that much soup.

On the other hand, I eat that much salad and maybe even more so I find their size good for salad. And I tend to eat plenty of rice dishes so they work for that, too.

Their price is not that much more expensive. You could buy a set of 6 for $30, although there are also a bit more pricier choices.

Divided cereal bowls

Another totally different category we should mention is divided cereal bowls. I find them great for curries but some would prefer using them for eating cereal, too.

It’s not my preferred method because I enjoy when the milk takes up the flavor of the cereals I’m eating but these divided bowls are good if you enjoy them crunchy.

They’re also good for serving chips and dips.

I certainly enjoy them as food separators for various dishes but not for cereals.

These kinds of bowls will hold about 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of cereal. They’re a good enough size.

All in all, the answer to the question how many cups in a cereal bowl depends on the size or the type of bowl you’re using but the general answer would be 1 to 3 cups.