KitchenReductions is a very personal project for me, an adventure. It’s a website that belongs only to me but I will give it my all.

Not a lot of people would regard a website about kitchen appliances, tools, and gadgets as a journey or as an adventure or as a passion.

However, I just love all things related to kitchen. And I want to make your life easier by telling you which are the best appliances and tools for your budgets.

I’m going to review a lot of things that I can’t live without and maybe others can’t either. Let me give you a few examples of what you can expect KitchenReductions to be all about.

I’m going to talk extensively about blenders because these are one of my favorites and the appliance that I use daily, sometimes multiple times a day so I need a power horse in my kitchen.

Among the most popular kitchen appliances, we’ll find air fryers, a quite recent obsession but very useful to have around for when you want to cook faster meals for the family.

Let’s not overlook toasters. What would mornings be without one? Also there are more complex toaster ovens so that’s a very interesting discussion to have.

Since I’ve entered my 30s, a few years back, I began cooking even more for myself and my family. As always, my mother inspired me. And that’s how I ended up here, creating this website.

We should also not forget about knives (who could live without a chef’s knife?), perfect cookware/bakeware for everything we cook and bake, coffee makers because we need a boost in the morning alongside a refreshing smoothie or a delicious smoothie bowl. And the list can go on but I’ve already talked too much, considering I wanted this to be a short introduction to my website.

I’m an amateur cook. But I’m an amateur cook that spends hours in the kitchen almost every day. I just love cooking and I love making my life simpler by using appliances and tools to do wonderful things for me, to speed up and lessen various parts of the cooking process. And that’s why KitchenReductions is the world of an amateur expert in the kitchen, my world.