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Best Smoothie Cups Reviews (All Budgets)

So many of us long to find the best smoothie cups so that we can take our favorite beverages with us when we leave the house.

Of course, we can also use these cups for other drinks, like water, coffee, fruits juices, nondairy milks, protein shakes, milkshakes, etc.

Best Smoothie Cups Reviews

best smoothie cupsNevertheless, since our focus is on finding the best smoothie cups, we will have to look for cups that accommodate drinks that have a thicker, almost puree-like consistency.

Thus, we need mouths or the ability to use straws that can handle thicker drinks. It’s definitely one of the main features to check out first.

Let’s see what other things these wonderful cups have to offer us.

Of course, most of us will want our cups to be pretty, too.

So, we’re looking for cups that can handle thicker drinks, that match our budget, that look nice, that fit our car or backpack holders or that are proof spill for our handbags, that maybe offer vacuum insulation in some cases, that are made from the material we prefer, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of other things.

It definitely sounds a lot easier to find cups for coffee lovers or for water fanatics. It’s not all that easy when it comes to smoothie lovers that’s for sure. It will be an interesting challenge both for me and for you.

1. BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle: Overall the Best Smoothie Cup

This is absolutely one of the most popular smoothie cups on the market.

It is actually designed for protein shakes and pre workout drinks but it totally works for smoothies, even if your preference is for thick drinks. Many people buy it for exactly that use.

Plus, considering the quality we get, it really doesn’t get cheaper than that.

All in all, I can tell that the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle is going to be a favorite for many of you. It’s one of mine as well, even if it’s made of plastic.

Let’s learn more about it to see what it offers.


The plastic it’s made from is BPA- and Phthalate-free. It’s also dishwasher safe.

One of the most famous features about it is the patented mixing system. It uses 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk for mixing shakes, smoothies, and supplements.

I think it’s a very useful accessory for shakes and supplements. But it can be totally practical for smoothies, as well. I like it.

The BlenderBottle has a 20 oz capacity. It will be the perfect quantity for many people.

Plus, some will enjoy the fact that it’s not that big and it’s easy to carry around. For example, 26 oz bottles might be a bit too large for some of you.

This one is leak proof and spill proof. If you want to throw a bottle into your bag and not place it in a cup holder, the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle might be exactly what you need.

It has a screw-on lid that creates a leak-proof seal.

The flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained.

It also includes a loop top. It can be attached to keys, as well.

The wide mouth is perfect for pouring smoothies from a large blender pitcher.

We have some really beautiful colors to choose from: plum, black, coral, clear, cyan, moss green, navy, pebble gray, pink, teal.

All this is offered for a price around $10 or something like that. I really don’t think it gets better and cheaper than the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle. There’s absolutely no wonder that so many users absolutely love it and sing its praises.

2. Yeti Rambler Straw Cup: Best Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup

While the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle is a favorite because it’s so cheap and well built, it’s still made of plastic.

Well, we certainly don’t get the same problem with the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup.

It’s perfect for those who are looking for the perfect, durable, well-built alternative to a plastic cup.

On the other hand, the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup is about 3 times more expensive than the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle.

Frankly, the expensive price is the only thing that stops me from declaring the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup to be the absolute best smoothie cup that we could ask for.

Still, for those who are looking to spend close to $40 on one, it’s going to be perfect. Just think of it as an investment for many years to come. If that’s so, the price won’t seem all that high anymore.


Frankly, I don’t get why I like the design of the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup so much. I just love it.
I had to mention the beautiful design first.

It’s sleek, simple but stunning, functional but pretty, the whole package of attributes.

Also, we get to choose from an universe of colors. No matter which is your favorite, there’s a chance that you’ll find it.

The colors to choose from are: alpine yellow, black, charcoal, navy, Nordic blue, seafoam, stainless, and white.

The one sold in Nordic purple is the cheapest. It has a price around $30 so if you want to cut back on the cost a bit, choose the Nordic purple.

On the other hand, there are also more expensive choices. And the only difference is the color. The design remains the same.

Bimini pink is about twice as expensive as Nordic blue.

The most expensive, with prices that almost reach $100 are: king crab, prickly pear, and sandstone pink.

For prices around $50-$70m we have: sharptail taupe, offshore blue, harvest red, and highlands olive.

My favorite of the bunch remains alpine yellow. Although, the bare stainless look is kind of intriguing, as well.


Let’s talk about the things that make the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup so awesome, no matter which color you end up choosing.

First of all, the cup is made of stainless steel.

It’s dishwasher safe and the whole thing is BPA-free, straw and lid included.

It has 4 inches in height and the lid measures 4 inches in diameter.

It’s a 26 oz cup.

That’s a generous quantity of smoothie that we can drink throughout the day.

And I really mean it when I say throughout the day because this cup offers amazing insulation.

Thus, one of its top features is that this is a supremely insulated vessel.

It is built with double-wall vacuum insulation. Cold beverages stay cold.

It’s sized for big swigs, less refills, and it will maintain our drink’s temperature throughout the day.

Next, there’s the Yetu StrawFor. It is wide enough for thicker drinks.

And there’s the Straw Lid. This one includes a built-in stopper to keep reusable straws safely in place.

They also have a No Sweat Design for the material encasing the solid stainless steel construction featuring double-wall vacuum insulation.

They will fit standard sized cup holders. We can really place them anywhere.

Another thing that people love about the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup is that it is leakproof in some ways. The lid will maintain its seal even after it’s washed in the dishwasher.

However, given the fact that it comes with a straw, means that it needs to stay upright to prevent spills.

3. Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw

This is one of the most popular options at the moment.

I should mention that the straw is a bit thin so it might not be all that great if you enjoy making smoothies with a very thick consistency.

On the other hand, we get two lids. So if the lid with the straw doesn’t work for you, just use the flip lid. The mouth on the flip lid is good enough for all drinks, no matter their consistency.

There are many other things to like about the Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw, including the fact that so many people use it for drinking smoothies away from home.

I really cannot find any real thing to complain about so let’s see what we get.


Let’s start by mentioning one of the most important features for the Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw.

It’s a stainless steel cup, made of premium 18/8 stainless steel.

On top of that, it’s an insulated bottle, meant to keep our beverages hot or cold throughout the day.

We get double wall insulation. That’s great.

Another crucial feature is the fact that we receive two lids for our cup.

There’s a flip lid that is leak proof, works on the twist & lock technology, and it’s dishwasher safe. This is perfect if the straw is too thin for you.

It’s also perfect because if we screw on the flip lid, we can throw the Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler in a handbag or backpack without any worries. Our drinks won’t spill.

The second lid is the straw lid. It is splash proof, it includes two straws, also works on the twist & lock technology, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Of course, if we have the straw lid on, we need to place the bottle in a holder when we’re traveling or keep it upright in our hand.

We can choose from different sizes: 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32 oz.

The 32 oz size is impressive. As far as I’m aware, the Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw is one of the few to offer such a large size.

We also get a whole array of colors to choose from: midnight black, almond birch, blush, cool mint, deep ocean, forest, graphite, lavender mist, mauve me, raspberry vibes, riptide, rose gold, sea glass safe, seaside, very peri.

There is also the option to choose from patterns if we don’t like a single-color design: alpenglow, black leopard, calm breeze, carrara marble, cream terrazzo, dreamcicle, finley floral, mystical forest, nebula, ocean geode.

4. Bubba Envy S Stainless Steel Tumbler: Cheap Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup

The first thing we might notice about the Bubba Envy S Stainless Steel Tumbler is the affordable price, especially if you catch it on sale.

Even if you don’t get it on sale, it’s sold for a price under $20 for a 24 oz bottle.

That’s a cheap price for what can be qualified as a large size.


Since it’s made of stainless steel, you should already expect for the Bubba Envy S Stainless Steel Tumbler to be insulated and it is.

It’s represented by a dual-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction.

It will keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours without sweating.

There’s also a removable, easy-clean lid. The lid can be used with or without plastic straw. We get a plastic straw in the box.

The Bubba Envy S Stainless Steel Tumbler fits most cup holders.

The silicone base pad prevents it from sliding.

Moreover, the lid is top-rack dishwasher-safe.

However, the steel body is hand-wash-only.

Unlike with many other stainless steel bottles that we come across, the Bubba Envy S Stainless Steel Tumbler doesn’t offer an array of sizes or colors/patterns for its design.

We get the 24 oz size and that’s it. I love it, I tend to go for big bottles because I drink a large smoothie throughout the day.

We also get the island teal color with a blue lid and a light green straw.

This combination of colors is so electric. It just screams energy and playfulness. I really love it, it’s vibrant and exactly what we need for one of the best smoothie cups to stand out.

All in all, the Bubba Envy S Stainless Steel Tumbler is pretty amazing. The only thing we can’t do with it is throw it in a bag. It must be kept upright in our hand or in a cup holder to prevent spilling.

5. Aozita Glass Juicing Bottles, 8 Pack: Best Smoothie Cup Pack

There are plenty of negative reviews that the Aozita Glass Juicing Bottles have received and we should take those into account, too.

There are also many positive reviews. I think the ratio of positive vs negative reviews is very well balanced.

The Aozita Glass Juicing Bottles are worthy of being included among the best smoothie cups.

However, I came across one particular negative review that I want to address. Someone mentioned that one of these glass bottles shattered in the freezer.

The thing is that the manufacturer doesn’t mention anywhere that their glass is freezer-proof. If any brand doesn’t mention that about their glass products, then it means that the glass will potentially shatter when it’s frozen.

The Aozita Glass Juicing Bottles are definitely only meant for the fridge and it states nowhere that they can be put in the freezer.

Thus, if you make smoothie or juice just for you, filling all 8 bottles might be a bit too much because you should drink them all in 2-3 days.

On the other hand, they can be perfect for a family.


The Aozita Glass Juicing Bottles are not perfect but they’re a good option for those who absolutely don’t want to buy just a single bottle.

This pack contains 8 bottles, which is impressive for a total price under $30.

Each bottle measures 16 oz. Pay attention to that because it might be too small for some of you.

They resemble mason jars a bit, they have a wide mouth so we can pour drinks in easily in seconds.

They can be used for smoothies, juice, boba, milk, milkshakes, water, beer, oil, kombucha, tea, etc.

And they’re all made of glass. They’re made from strong and thick lead-free soda-lime glass.

They’re dishwasher safe.

We also get 2 white lids with 2 straws, wide for bubble tea, and a cleaning brush for the straws. The lids are plastic, the straws are stainless steel.

Moreover, we also get 8 black lids, no hole for straws on these. And 8 white labels.

The lids are airtight for travel.

Thus, we can first screw on a black lid for spill-proof travel.

And when we want to enjoy our drink, we can switch the black lid with a white one with straw.

The lids are lined with a thin sheet of foam to ensure airtight seal and the freshness of our drinks.

On the other hand, we don’t get any insulation. But that’s pretty much the case for all plastic and glass bottles. You’ll have to buy stainless steel if you want insulation.

6. Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler

There are a lot of things to love about the Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler.

However, I just want to mention something first. The straw is not that wide. If you love really thick smoothies, the straw might not be up to it.

The good news is that we can drink thicker beverages with the help of the other lid, the one that includes a mouth and not a straw.

All in all, the Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler is amazing. Let’s see what makes me love it so much.

I should also say that there are definitely plenty of similarities between the Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler and the Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler that I reviewed just above.

Frankly, both are amazing so it’s hard to say which is clearly better.

Their prices are quite similar, too.

However, what the Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler offers that the Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler doesn’t is the option to buy a 32 oz cup for our smoothies. The Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler stops with their sizes at 28 oz, which is plenty big.


This is another stainless steel bottle that offers double wall insulation. It makes the Iron Flask Tumbler sweat-free.

Moreover, it will keep our drinks cold for up to 20 hours and hot for up to 5 hours.

That’s wonderful. Even if we travel for almost an entire day, we can still be revitalized by our cold smoothie.

For those who are away from home for a lot of hours, I think that the 28 oz size might be just perfect.

It’s made from 18/8 premium stainless steel that is 100% BPA-free and non-toxic. It doesn’t leave a metal taste or rust.

However, we are totally advised to hand wash only with soapy hot water.

Thus, pay attention to the fact that nothing about the Iron Flask Nomad Tumbler is dishwasher safe.

The bottles will also fit in most standard cup holders.

The powder coat exterior finish looks amazing. It also ensures that the beautiful design will be very durable.
The manufacturer’s logo is laser engraved for durability.

We also get two lids: 100% leak proof flip lid and splash proof straw lid with 2 black BPA-free straws.

There are different sizes to choose from: 16, 20, 24, and 28 oz.

Obviously, we choose from different patterns (27 in total), all stunning: carrara marble, aurora, black marquina, blue waves, bubble gum, calacatta, cotton candy, dark night, dark rainbow, day & night, fire, graphite, mint, ocean, peach, pearl, rainbow, terrazzo.

7. Ello Kella Glass Tumbler with Straw

The Ello Kella Glass Tumbler with Straw is quite cheap, with a price around $10. Still, it’s far from my favorite.

The thing is that there’s nothing that stands out about it.

No popping colors, no interesting design, no impressive features.

It’s pretty much a transparent jar with a lid and straw on top.

It’s made of glass, which is great. The manufacturer describes it as odor-free, stain-free, and clean tasting glass, which is an apt description for any glass used for storing foods and drinks.

Plus, the 20 oz quantity is very good.

We get a friction fit lid with a real cork accent. I don’t know how the cork is going to hold up in time, especially if we use it and wash it daily.

We must handwash the lid. The jar is dishwasher safe.

There’s also a silicone band around the mouth of the jar for secure grip.

All in all, I don’t think that the Ello Kella Glass Tumbler with Straw will last a very long time. I would say that it’s good for daily use for about 6 months, maybe a year but the lid will become loose with almost daily use.

8. Comfy Package Plastic Cups with Flat Lids, 100 Sets

For a price around $20 we can buy 100 cups with 100 lids. That’s not a bad deal if you don’t care about throwing all these plastic cups away.

Look, I’m not going to tell people that everyone only needs to be using reusable cups & bottles for their drinks.

Some might prefer buying a stainless steel insulated bottle that can be used for years to come.

Others might prefer buying products like this set of 100 cups with 100 lids. I can see the convenience for both.

And I want to offer all available options when I recommend my picks for the best smoothie cups.


These crystal clear plastic cups with flat lids look like the generic ones we get from many coffee or smoothie shops.

If you want to make various drinks at home but you want them to look exactly as if they were bought from a nice shop, these Comfy Package Plastic Cups with Flat Lids will deliver exactly that.

Moreover, for those who don’t want to wash their bottle daily, these ones can be simply thrown in the trash when you’re done with them.

Although, you could also wash the cup and the lid by hand easily and use the same one multiple times. Both options work, which is nice.

What I really like is that these cups measure 16 oz.

If they were 10 oz or 12 oz cups, that would have been a complete disappointment. But a 16 oz size is great, whether you use them for juices, smoothies, coffees, teas, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, water etc.

The lids are airtight and they include a straw slot.

You’ll have to provide the straws. Use thicker ones if you make thicker drinks.

The plastic is ultra clear and durable. It doesn’t absorb liquid and is crack-resistant.

It can be used for drinking your favorite beverages away from home. You can use them for parties, especially for kids’ parties to avoid any spilling in your house.

All in all, these cups look amazing, we get 100 of them for a decent price, and the quality is top-notch. If this is what you’re looking for, I think you just found the right ones.

Best Smoothie Cups Buying Guide

Let’s talk more in-depth about what characterizes smoothie cups and which should be the features we should keep in mind when buying one.

I should also mention that most of the bottles I recommended in this article are made of stainless steel. They’re all amazing but I also have a couple of plastic and glass cup recommendations.


There are a few things to keep in mind when we’re choosing the material from which we would love our cups to be made from. Let’s see what we should keep in mind.


I will honestly admit that plastic is not my favorite material for many things, including when we’re looking for the best smoothie cups.

However, I should also mention that, although it’s not my favorite, it can be the material some of us end up choosing.

For example, I totally love that plastic bottles are the lightest of them all.

I mean we really can’t compare plastic with glass and stainless steel when it comes to weight. And when you’re carrying your cup in a handbag or in a backpack that already contains quite a good deal of other things, the weight of the cup both empty and full can make a difference in our choice.

On the other hand, glass and stainless steel bottles will last longer.

I prefer replacing my plastic bottles more often.

Stainless steel can last a lifetime basically, just like we can use the same stainless steel cookware for decades to come.

Glass can break so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are prone to breaking or dropping a lot of things.

Last but not least, one of the most popular cups among users, the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle, is made from plastic. It’s also impressively good, very well-designed and built, and cheap.

Thus, plastic is a very popular material for cups. And among the cheapest.

If you are concerned about the environment and you’re not going to buy something made of plastic, glass and stainless are the other two options to choose from.


For those who prefer this material when they’re searching for the best smoothie cups, I have good news.
Many of the cups you’ll come across will be made of glass.

When it comes to popularity, plastic and glass seem to be quite evenly matched.

Moreover, glass cups are not going to be all that expensive either. We have good news all around for glass lovers.

Plus, there’s the fact that drinks seem to taste better when they’re drunk from a glass bottle/cup.

This article describes glass as being the safest and best way to store both food and liquids.

Stainless steel

This is the most durable material for cups. We can drop them and they might get scratched but they’re still ready for another smoothie dose.

Stainless steel is my favorite material for saucepans and pots but it’s also my top choice for the best smoothie cups, as well.

Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean. It’s corrosive resistant and doesn’t leach chemicals when exposed to sun/heat.

They also have the chance to be the most expensive among these three materials.

Another advantage is that stainless steel bottles can be insulated to ensure that our drinks stay hot or cold throughout the day.

While there are that many to choose from, pretty much a large majority of the stainless steel cups available are amazing.

They offer an array of colors to choose from. Insulation for keeping our drinks hot or cold. Many of them are incredibly well-built, with attention to details. They’re also spill-proof. Just amazing.

Vacuum insulation

This is a nice feature and some of us might want it a whole lot.

If you want insulation, you’ll have to look into stainless steel cups.

Vacuum insulation ensures that our smoothie stays cool for a long time. That’s certainly something to want in a smoothie cup, especially during the summer.

A warm smoothie doesn’t hold much appeal for so many of us.

Of course, if there’s no vacuum insulation, we can add a few ice cubes to keep our drink cool for some time. Or make it from frozen fruits.

But that can also make the smoothie watery, it will dilute its consistency. You must take that into account if you’re taking the ice cubes route.


One of the main things we must make sure of is that the smoothie cup we end up choosing will fit in our car cup holder if that’s where we intend to place it as we leave the house.

Some of us might prefer carrying it in our backpack, many of which incorporate a bottle holder.

The same goes for fitting in the pockets of our gym bags.

Fortunately, these two main possibilities are covered because most smoothie cups will fit in most car cup holders or in the bottle holder that our backpacks incorporate.

Last but not least, some of us might just want to throw our beverage cup in our handbag. I mostly carry handbags that could fit an entire apartment in there so it’s pretty clear that I prefer carrying my cups and everything else in my handbag.

If that’s the case, we must make sure that the cups we pick are spill proof. No one wants a handbag full of smoothie, covering our smartphone and other things.

That also means that we can’t buy a straw cup for our smoothies because obviously those need to stay upright in a holder.

Straw or no straw

Most are made with a straw so it might be harder to find cups that only have a mouth to drink from and no straw sticking out from the lid.

If you want to throw a cup in a bag, you’ll need a spill proof model, which means that you can’t get one with a straw but a mouth.

The choice in this area is pretty simple: some will prefer drinking from a straw capable of handling thicker drinks, while others will be perfectly content with drinking from a mouth.

Obviously, narrow mouths or slim straws are not what we want when we’re looking for the best smoothie cups because, for some of us, our drinks are going to be quite thick.

Even if you prefer making more liquidy smoothies, the drinks are still going to be more consistent than water, coffee or veggies & fruits juices.

What is not simple is that most cups are made for water, coffee, juices and similar liquids that have a watery consistency.

Thus, choosing whether you prefer using a straw or you’re perfectly comfortable with drinking from a mouth is a simple choice.

On the other hand, finding the best smoothie cups that have wide enough mouths or can be fitted with wide enough straws is the complicated part of this shopping trip.


Well, whenever we buy something, whether we’re looking for awesome blenders or fantastic air fryers or knives and even cooking utensils and pans, we must eventually talk about prices.

Most of us buy according to our budgets. Those who buy with no budgets in sight, being able to afford the most expensive appliances and tools are the lucky ones. But I tend to think that most of us have spending limits, no matter what we’re buying.

Fortunately, we can find smoothie cups for all budgets.

If you want an amazing product for the amazing price of about $10 and you don’t care that it’s made of plastic, my first recommendation is the BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle. It doesn’t get better or cheaper than that.

Overall, even glass smoothie cups will cost less than $20 or around $15. These are good prices without a doubt because you can use the same cup for many years to come if you keep it properly clean.

Those made of stainless steel are the hardest to find. The problem is not the price. It’s the fact that there aren’t that many to choose from. However, those stainless steel cups that are around are all excellent. We don’t need hundreds of options when those few that exist are amazing.

The prices are around $20-$40. They can be pricier than glass and plastic but that’s to be expected because they can last years. And they provide vacuum insulation.

All in all, whether we’re talking about materials, sizes, straw or no straw, insulation, and budgets, we can easily find the best smoothie cups to fit our needs and requirements.