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What To Put Under an Air Fryer? Best Heat Resistant Mats For Air Fryer

If you’re thinking of finding what you can put under an air fryer, my first recommendation would be to look for the best heat resistant mat for air fryers. After all, they’re designed specifically for that.

However, besides reviewing the best heat resistant mats for air fryers, I also want to talk about what else we can put under an air fryer, in case you’re looking for alternative solutions.

Before going into all that, let’s answer a simple question. Do countertops need to be protected from the heat put off by the heating elements in air fryers?

If your kitchen isn’t equipped with heat-resistant countertops, then you should definitely place something between the countertop and the air fryer.

Granite and cement countertops are considered to be heat-resistant but I wouldn’t call them totally protected when it comes to the heating elements of kitchen appliances like the ones we’re talking about.

Moreover, even if I knew that my countertop is heat-resistant, I still would choose to put something under an air fryer to protect the surface it’s sitting on. It’s best to be safe than sorry. And I wouldn’t want to damage my kitchen furniture just because I didn’t want to take precautions.

Thus, the conclusion is that it’s very good that you’re interested in finding what you should put under an air fryer to protect your surfaces from that intense heat.

It just remains to be seen if you’re going to choose to look for the best heat resistant mats for air fryers or if you’ll end up choosing something else.

Best Heat Resistant Mats For Air Fryer Reviews

heat resistant mat under air fryer
My recommendation is that all kinds of countertops would benefit from the protection of heat resistant mats.

It’s always good to protect the surfaces in our kitchens because no one wants to repair an expensive mistake.

Whether you have granite, concrete, wood, stainless steel, quartz or soapstone countertops, they should all be equally protected from the powerful heating element in an air fryer.

Most air fryers have a max temperature of 400 degrees F, while some go as high as 450 degrees F or even 480 degrees F for those who also work and are shaped as toaster countertop ovens.

Heat resistant mats are a wonderful choice to put under air fryers because they’re easy to use, versatile, they look slightly inconspicuous so they can blend into your kitchen’s design, you can choose the exact dimensions you need, and they’re pretty cheap.

1. Gasare Silicone Countertop Mat: Overall the Best Heat Resistant Mat For Air Fryers

I am all aware that this Gasare Countertop Mat is considerably more expensive than other silicone mats we could be buying.

However, it’s a really good one. One of the best countertop heat-resistant countertop mats that we could buy.

Plus, the good news is that for the price we get two of these. Thus, when we take into consideration that we get 2 mats in the deal, then the price becomes more acceptable, although not exactly cheap.

Considering that the whole package of 2 silicone mats costs around $40, I wouldn’t say that it’s the cheapest option you could buy but the quality is really good.


They’re made from strong and durable food-grade silicone material, which is excellent both for being placed under various appliances and for various food preparations.

The extra large size is another pro for this one.

Its dimensions are: 25 x 17 inches.

Even big air fryer ovens can fit on this mat without problems so that’s definitely great.

If you find the size to be too large you can also cut it to the desired size.

It also has a nice 1.4mm thickness. Let’s say that 1.5mm is the ideal thickness for silicone mats so 1.4mm is pretty fantastic. The manufacturer mentions that they’re up to 30% thicker than other similar silicone mats.

You can be sure that your countertops will be protected from any heat that an air fryer might emit.

The Gasare Silicone Countertop Mats are also heat resistant up to 446 degrees F. That covers a lot of air fryers, although there might be a few air fryer ovens that go as high as 480 degrees F.

Thus, we can place them under air fryers, microwave ovens, induction stoves, toaster ovens, coffee makers, under cutting boards so they don’t slip, etc.

We can protect our countertops against spills, scratches, grease, etc.

It’s easy to wash. All you need is soap and water. But it’s also dishwasher safe, although I prefer washing silicone mats by hand because it’s very easy.

It also doesn’t absorb odors. Overall, it’s designed for years of daily use as it won’t wear out or break.

It can also be used for arts and crafts.

Last but not least, there is an array of colors to choose from: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, red, taupe.

2. Super Kitchen Silicone Baking Mat

The cheaper alternative to the above Gasare Silicone Countertop Mat is this one from Super Kitchen.

However, let me tell you straight away why this one might be almost half the price.

As you might have noticed, in the name it says silicone baking mat.

It’s not the kind of baking mat we use instead of parchment paper. It’s the kind of baking mat that goes on the countertop when we’re working out dough for savory dishes or desserts.

Still, the fact that it’s called a silicone baking mat should be a clear indication that it’s thinner than the above recommendation that I picked as my favorite heat resistant mat for air fryers.

Are there plenty of people who use it under their air fryer to protect their countertops? There are and that’s why I decided to review it.

Still, you can tell that it’s not as solid as some other silicone mats.

If you’re looking for a cheap silicone mat to put under your air fryer, then you can consider the Super Kitchen Silicone Baking Mat.

On the other hand, if you have a bit more to spend, I recommend a thicker silicone mat that it’s not advertised primarily as a silicone baking mat with heat resistant capabilities.


Since I’ve mentioned that it’s thinner, let’s first cover its dimensions.

It measures 23.4 x 15.6 inches. It’s still big enough to be considered extra-large but it’s just a bit smaller than the model from Gasare.

The 1.1mm thickness is certainly the weakest point about the Super Kitchen Silicone Baking Mat. Even so, I believe that it can protect countertops well enough.

As I’ve already mentioned, if you want to spend under $15 for an extra large heat resistant mat, this is a nice option.

It’s quite popular and most people seem to really love it.

As expected, it’s made from 100% food grade silicone.

The manufacturer also describes it as being safe, durable, and long lasting.

It’s also waterproof and easy to clean. Plus, it’s non-stick so you can definitely use it for baking.

3. Gasare Giant Silicone Countertop Mat Protector

Just as the name suggests, this heat resistant mat is huge. Obviously, a huge size also implies a quite expensive price, somewhere around $50.

The first model I reviewed for this article looking for the best heat resistant mat for air fryer is also from Gasare. That one was an extra large size but even that smaller size doesn’t come with a cheap price, although the price was for 2 silicone mats so that was a lot better. This time we’re only paying for 1 item.

This giant size is great but some people might have a problem when they see the price.

Overall, this is a good manufacturer, among the best in this world of silicone mats that can protect our countertops.

It seems that the giant size is part of their new collection, summer 2022.

We can use the Gasare Giant Silicone Countertop Mat Protector to protect the kitchen counter, dining table, butcher block and other surfaces against spills, scratches, grease, and heat up to 446 degrees F.


The impressive size is absolutely the reason for choosing to include the Gasare Giant Silicone Countertop Mat Protector.

It measures 40 x 23.5 inches.

However, I would recommend considering this giant silicone mat only if you have a few appliances that you need to place a heat resistant mat under. If you think that a bunch of appliances could fit under one big silicone mat, then this Gasare Giant Silicone Countertop Mat Protector can be worth considering.

Otherwise, if you’re only considering it for one air fryer, even if it’s a large air fryer oven, there’s still going to be plenty of free space left.

Another impressive feature about this silicone mat is the 2 mm thickness. That’s really great to see.

I love the fact that Gasare pays attention to the thickness of their mats. They certainly get it right, whether we’re referring to the extra large or the giant sizes.

It’s certainly thicker than many other silicone mats in the market.

The giant size combined with that thickness lead to this mat weighing more than 3 pounds.

It is designed for daily use for years.

We also get a few colors to choose from: black, gray, red, taupe, and translucent.

The translucent one is better described as white because it’s not see through. It’s opaque and I prefer calling it white.

Packaged and shipped rolled

Last but not least, the mat is packaged and shipped rolled to prevent permanent creases. I definitely appreciate that.

Frankly, I have seen silicone mats that sounded amazing and I was really interested in them. That was until I realized that the mat is not shipped rolled but folded so it came with creases. That was a total shame and I’m glad that Gasare is not prone to making such an amateurish mistake.

These brands should know better, after all they’re the ones who are making these silicone mats. Shouldn’t they be aware that these items need to be packaged and shipped rolled?

I’m ending my rant here. I guess I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t get my hands on that particular silicone mat that was shipped folded and not rolled. I’m just really glad that that’s not the case for this Gasare Giant Silicone Countertop Mat Protector.

4. Zulay Silicone Trivets

It probably doesn’t get cheaper than these silicone mats from Zulay.

It also doesn’t get much smaller when it comes to heat resistant mats for the kitchen.

These things only measure 9 x 12 inches. They can only be placed under very small air fryers.

The bonus is that we get two of them in the pack so you can place the two side by side if you have a larger small fryer.

Frankly, it’s pretty unusual to find heat resistant mats that are so cheap, especially 2 for a price of about $10.

Let’s see what else we can find out about the Zulay Silicone Trivets.


As I’ve mentioned, we get 2 mats and each measures 12 x 9 inches. These are the facts.

However, I have a very big problem with the third measurement. A 0.47 inch thickness is mentioned.

Let’s break it down because I seriously have a problem with this thickness. Even at a glance, most people would say that they don’t see how these mats could be 0.47 inch thick.

From my point of view, I would say that the thickness with the waves that this design has is somewhere around 0.25 inch.

Moreover, the actual thickness of a Zulay silicone mat is more like 1.2mm. And that’s more like it.

If you read the reviews until now, you would have noticed that a 2mm thickness is the best we can expect from heat resistant silicone mats. Thus, the fact that the Zulay silicone is more likely 1.2mm thick certainly fits the price and the general specs of kitchen silicone mats so much better.

A 1.2mm thickness is nothing to get excited about but it’s not too bad. As I’ve mentioned, in this price range I wouldn’t have any high expectations.

I would mention that the deep groves design is not my favorite. I’m used to flat silicone mats but Zulay mentions that their deep grooves design is for added protection. If it really has a practical role, I’m totally fine with it.

The impressive thing is these small silicone mats come with a 480 degrees F heat resistance. That’s certainly amazing.

The Zulay Silicone Trivets are also waterproof, flexible, non-slip, easy to clean and maintain.

They come in a bunch of colors: black, dark mahogany, gray, navy blue, olive green, orange red, pink, and rose red.

5. Emolife Heat Resistant Mat

Let’s get the negative out of the way first. While the Emolife Heat Resistant Mat is impressively popular and has just a few negative reviews, I still want to mention them because they can be important and we should always pay attention to both the positive and the negative user reviews.

Another aspect that compels me to pay attention to those few negative reviews, there are only 4 of them, is that most of them revolve around the same subject: that his mat is not heat resistant and that it doesn’t block heat.

Moreover, there is someone who mentions in one of their reviews that this silicone mat absorbs heat from air fryers or induction stoves. It retains some of that head and the pad slowly cools down over time.

Thus, the Emolife Heat Resistant Mat is transformed into a heat insulator that retains and slowly releases the heat. The reviewer concludes that extended use of this heat resistant mat with high-temperature kitchen appliances may cause heat discoloration marks.

And that’s why I wanted to get started by talking about these negative aspects.

On the other hand, we can’t ignore the many positive reviews that it has received.

Do I think that the Emolife Heat Resistant Mat is the best heat resistant mat for air fryer in the market?

Not exactly. It’s good but not something that guarantees to last a very long time. And that’s why it’s certainly not my first recommendation.


It measures 23.6 x 15.7 inches. It’s a food size, although not extremely big.

I am also impressed by the 2 mm thickness. This thickness is the main reason for wanting to review the Emolife Heat Resistant Mat and for giving it a chance.

On the other hand, the manufacturer mentions this: not recommended for extended use in a high heat environment.

Are we to conclude that if we use our air fryer at max temperature for half an hour to an hour every day, then it’s totally fine and it will act as a good protector for our counters? Who knows. That sentence is quite ambiguous.

The manufacturer mentions that it lays flat without a wrinkle.

And it can be placed under the microwave, air fryer, induction stove, toaster oven, coffee maker to protect the kitchen countertops and other surfaces against spills, scratches, grease, heat, etc.

It’s heat resistant between -40 degrees F and 446 degrees F.

It does not absorb odors and it’s waterproof.

As all the other heat resistant mats, the Emolife Heat Resistant Mat is very easy to clean but you should wash it by hand. There’s no mention that it’s dishwasher safe.

6. Farberware Glass Cutting Board

If you don’t like any of the above options as the best heat resistant mat for air fryer, then maybe you’ll want to consider an alternative.

If you don’t like silicone mats, you might want a piece of clear glass to place between your air fryer and your countertop.

This is actually a glass cutting board that we can use in many different ways.

As the name suggests, it’s primarily designed as a cutting board. Some people might prefer a glass cutting board because glass is not a porous material so it ensures completely safe and hygienic food preparations.
Others buy it as an artist’s palette. That can totally work for this glass piece.

However, we can also place it either under our air fryer, toaster and other appliances or we can place it on top of the air fryer if we want to protect our cabinet cupboards. It works either way.


The price for this glass cutting board is very cheap. It costs under $15, which is definitely affordable in the world of glass cutting boards.

On the other hand, the main feature that determines the affordable price is the smaller size.

It’s a 12 x 14 inches piece of glass. It will work but mainly for smaller air fryers.

If you have a bigger model, you’ll probably need to spend 2-3 times more if you choose to use a glass cutting board.

It has a 0.25 inch (6.35mm) thickness. That’s really thick.

The Farberware Glass Cutting Board is a heat resistance surface that will protect the counter and other surfaces from heat, condensation and scratches.

It’s also made from shatter-resistant tempered glass to withstand daily use. It’s durable, break-resistant, stain-resistant and won’t absorb odors.

There are also non-slip rubber feet on the bottom to hold the board in place when cutting. However, many users have reported that the rubber feet on the bottom can easily fall off. You can glue them back but the rubber feet are not a necessary feature if you’re only using this Farberware Glass Cutting Board under an air fryer or any other appliance that emits intense heat that can damage our countertops or other surfaces.

This piece of glass is also dishwasher safe. But it is so easy to clean that you should just quickly wash it by hand.

7. Light In The Dark Glass Cutting Board

While the above glass cutting board is on the smaller side, this Light In The Dark Glass Cutting Board belongs to the larger side.

Thus, since I’ve already decided that some people might be interested in glass cutting boards to place under their air fryers, I also thought that I should review at least a couple of them.

And that’s how I ended up choosing a larger glass cutting board to include here.

I should also mention that a large glass piece comes at a rather expensive price, a bit above $40. It’s not cheap.

For example, for a similar price we can buy the Gasare Silicone Countertop Mat, which also comes in a similar size with the major difference that the close price tag covers 2 pieces of silicone mats. For this glass piece, we pay for one item only.


This glass piece measures 24 x 18 inches. That’s a very good size that can accommodate even large air fryer ovens, like the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro.

We don’t get a measure for thickness but we can always count on glass cutting boards to be thicker than silicone mats.

It’s made from tempered glass. The Light In The Dark Glass Cutting Board is made entirely from cracking, shattering and screeching resistant tempered clear glass.

It also comes with rubber feet to keep it from slipping on the countertop. Moreover, the rubber feet are removable.

Since it’s glass, the Light In The Dark Glass Cutting Board is stain and odor resistant.

It works as a heat resistant mat under air fryers and other appliances. But it can also be used as a stove cover or sink cover to add counter space for additional working surface. It’s certainly versatile.

It’s also dishwasher safe but washing it by hand will only take a few seconds. Although, the bigger surface might be uncomfortable for you and washing glass by hand will turn it very slippery when soap comes into the equation.

Best heat resistant mats for air fryers buying guide

There’s really nothing complicated about finding the best heat resistant mats for air fryers. There are just a few features you must pay attention to,

Besides checking out which max temperature they’re able to withstand, you must make sure that the size of the silicone mat will match the size of your air fryer. Other than that, it’s a matter of budgets and choosing the right color.

1. Material

The most popular heat resistant mats are those made from silicone.

These are also the best because they’re light, come in many sizes and colors, are pretty affordable, and they can sustain very high max temperatures.

Just think about it: we can buy silicon air fryer pots that can go inside the air fryer when the food is cooking. That’s an easy way to tell that silicone isn’t affected by intense high heat at all.

Another thing most of us use are silicone baking mats. Once again, we are proven that silicone is the material to go for.

Silicone is also a material that can put up with wide temperature ranges, from -40 degrees F up to 450-480 degrees F.

Mats can also be made from wood or synthetic rubber but my favorite is silicone because it’s the one about which we can totally say that it can protect our countertops from high temperatures.

Thus, buying the best heat resistant mat for air fryer implies buying a good-quality silicone mat to put under air fryers.

Glass cutting boards are another option if silicone is not a good material for you.

2. Max temperature

Some are heat resistant up to 480 degrees F, others are heat resistant up to 450 degrees F.

If you have an air fryer-oven combo appliance and it goes up to 480 degrees F, like the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, then you need to make sure that you’re buying a silicone mat that can match that max temperature.

3. Silicone mats size

Make sure to measure your air fryer so that you know exactly which mat size would be best for you.

If you have a small 4 quart air fryer that measures about 11 W x 14 inches D, then you’ll need a mat that measures at least 12 x 15 inches.

Some might prefer looking for a size that fits just right under their appliances with no room to spare. Others might not bother much if the silicone mat is much bigger than their air fryer.

If you have a very small 2-quart air fryer with dimensions around 10 x 10 inches, then you’ll also be looking for smaller mats.

Large ovens like the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro or the Instant Omni Plus will need much larger heat resistant mats.

Some of the larger ovens +  air fryers combo will certainly benefit from extra-large silicone mats.

A 1.5mm thickness would be ideal but even a 1.1mm thickness can be protective enough.

I certainly prefer a thicker silicone mat over a thinner one because I want to be reassured.

4. Color scheme

Moreover, silicone mats can come in a wide variety of colors to match your color scheme. I prefer black even though I have white countertops. But I like the contrast that a black mat makes on my white countertop.

But there are many other colors to choose from. White, dark gray, light gray, green, blue, orange, red, taupe, etc.

5. Budget

They’re pretty easy to find and some are very cheap.

Even if you have a budget around $10-$15, you can still shop for the best heat resistant mat for air fryer to protect your countertops.

Some will cost around $30-$40 but if you don’t want to spend all that much on a silicone mat, then you don’t have to.

Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to protect your countertops from getting any marks from the heating elements of appliances like air fryers and other ovens.

6. BPA-free

Food grade silicone, from which these mats are made from, is BPA-free. You don’t have to worry about this aspect if you’re buying silicone mats as heat resistant mats to put under air fryer.

Food grade silicone contains no BPA and is lightweight, easy to transport, odorless, etc.

Thus, even if you want to use silicone mats for food preparation, you can without any worries because this is food grade silicone.

7. Flat & wrinkle-free

These heat resistant mats are mat and wrinkle-free. They can go on countertops and dining tables and wood furniture. But they can also go into drawers or wherever you want.

8. Easy to clean

Hot water, a few drops of dish soap and a sponge are all that you need to clean these mats. You can spill whatever you want on them because they’re easy to clean and they shouldn’t stain.

9. Waterproof

Besides being heat-resistant, silicone mats are also waterproof. That’s what also makes them easy to use for food preparation, besides being an excellent solution to the query about what to put under air fryer.

What To Put Under an Air Fryer: Heat Resistant Mats & More

I already reviewed the best heat resistant mats that we can put under air fryers. Now, I want to go through all the choices that we have at our disposal when we look for what to put under an air fryer.

1. Silicone mats

There’s a wide variety of silicone mats that we can choose from if we want to protect our countertops.

Silicone mats are not only good because they’re heat-resistant but they’re also helpful if we want to keep mess from our countertops.

If you’re cooking often or if you’re cooking for a large gathering, it can help to cover your countertops with mats to prevent a lot of mess ending up on them. I would say that might be especially helpful for people with white countertops.

On the other hand, when you’re cooking you can also cover your countertops with wax paper if you don’t want to buy a bunch of silicone mats. Wax paper is wonderful for all kinds of food preparations but wax paper is not heat-resistant, just non-stick and moisture-proof. Just make sure to keep heat away from it.

Getting back to our question of what to put under air fryer, I would say that silicone mats are a wonderful choice for everyone.

They’re easy to find, some are very affordable, they perform very well in protecting countertops from the heat that air fryers emit, they come in a variety of colors. and they’re easy to use.

2. Silicone baking mats

There are some silicone baking mats that are sold in pairs of two. I noticed that some people use one of them to place under the air fryer and use the other one for baking in the ovens.

Silicone baking mats are designed for use in the ovens in pans as a replacement for parchment paper. Instead of always putting a new sheet of parchment paper, we buy a silicone baking mat and use it whenever we want to bake something in the oven.

Afterwards, we wash the baking mat and it’s ready for another use. Thus, the advantage of silicone baking mats as replacements for parchment paper is that we only pay for them once and get to use them for years to come, which can save us a bit of money in a few years.

However, some people might be tempted to place a silicone baking mat under an air fryer to protect their countertops.

Frankly, I don’t agree much with this choice because I think that they’re very thin.

So, I prefer the options that I’ve reviewed above as the best heat resistant mats for air fryers. Those are also made from silicone but they’re a lot thicker than silicone baking mats, which look as thin as a piece of parchment paper.

3. Wooden blocks/chopping boards

Some people might have a very large cutting board lying around in the kitchen without being used much.

Could you use a wooden cutting board under an air fryer to protect countertops?

I wouldn’t call them the best option but I can admit that some might work. If the cutting board is thick enough, the wood might be capable of offering a good deal of heat resistance.

But there might also be the risk that the heat can cause fine cracks. If you’re not concerned with the risk of your cutting board getting cracks, then you can try using it. Especially if you’d prefer it over buying a heat resistant mat.

There are also cutting boards that are compatible with some air fryer ovens. They’re sold as accessories for convection toaster ovens but they’re actually put on top of the oven. In this case, they can be a good choice for air fryer ovens if we want to protect cabinet cupboards.

4. Glass cutting boards

Another solution you might consider to our query about what to put under air fryer is glass cutting boards.

They can certainly be considered an alternative to our best heat resistant mats for air fryer.

Well, not for me because I have a long history of breaking plenty of things made of glass. I don’t even use many glass baking dishes. The only glass baking dish I use is one that my mother has had for 30 years so I’m totally confident that it can withstand everything I make in an oven. Otherwise, I only buy cheap drinking glasses because I also ruin a whole set in a few months.

But glass cutting boards are heat resistant, withstanding temperatures even above 500 degrees F.

If you’re not scared of the whole glass thing, you can place a glass cutting board under an air fryer because it’s totally heat resistant. Their prices are in the same range as the ones for silicone mats.

However, it’s going to be a bit of a problem to find glass cutting boards that are big enough for air fryer ovens.

Most measure around 16 x 12 inches or a bit smaller. The bigger ones measure about 16 x 20 inches. The ones that measure 18 x 24 inches are very expensive.

5. Ceramic tile(s)

You can put a ceramic tile or a couple of ceramic tiles, depending on the size of your appliance, under an air fryer to protect your countertops.

Frankly, if you have one or two ceramic tiles lying around, then you should do that because you don’t need to look for heat resistant mats and you don’t have to spend extra money on one.

Thus, ceramic tiles are the inexpensive answer to our query about what to put under an air fryer and they can be the perfect cheap or zero-cost alternative to the best heat resistant mat for air fryer.

Best Heat Resistant Mats For Air Fryer FAQ

As a quick wrap up of a pretty long article, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions so that we know exactly what works best under our air fryers to protect our countertops.

1. Do you need a heat resistant mat for air fryer?

Some people who own granite countertops might not feel the need to buy a heat resistant mat for their air fryer. Granite is known for its high heat resistance so it’s believed that any amount of heat applied to granite countertops will not cause them to chip or crack. On the other hand, I always say that it’s better to be safe than sorry so I use a heat resistant mat under my air fryer.

2. Can I put my air fryer on a silicone mat?

I consider silicone mats to be the best choice to protect our countertops from the intense heat that air fryers emit. Silicone mats have a high heat resistance, around 450-480 degrees F, they’re easy to use, lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean, and pretty affordable.

3. Can I put a cutting board under my air fryer?

Glass cutting boards are an excellent option to put under an air fryer because they have a high heat resistance that goes above 500 degrees F. On the other hand, they’re a bit pricey and it’s not easy to find them in bigger sizes. Wood cutting boards can also be a fairly decent option but there’s always the risk that the wood will crack in time under all that heat.

4. What do you put under a hot air fryer?

If you want to take precautions and you want to protect your countertops from certain appliances that get very hot, then you should put something under that appliance. My favorite answer to the question of what to put under an air fryer is to look for the best heat resistant mats for air fryers, which are made from silicone, but you can also use other things, like wood cutting boards, glass cutting boards and ceramic tiles.