can you juice cauliflower?

Can You Juice Cauliflower? How to Juice Cauliflower

Let’s see what the answer to the question can you juice cauliflower is and how we go about it.

The answer is that we can juice cauliflower if that’s what we want. Just as we can juice cabbage, carrots, beetroots and beet greens, cucumbers, oranges, tomatoes, leafy greens, mango, pineapple, and the list can go on.

The important thing you should remember about juices in general, no matter if you end up using a centrifugal or a masticating juicer, is that they’re generally better at juicing tougher ingredients.

Thus, we can be sure that most juicers are perfect for ginger but we should be more careful when choosing juicers for berries or a juicer to make pomegranate juice.

Can You Juice Cauliflower? What About the Stalk and Leaves?

Cauliflower falls in the category of tougher ingredients. It’s not a soft ingredient so, whatever juicer you use at the moment, it should be capable of juicing cauliflower without problems.

Just cut your cauliflower into florets that will fit the chute of your juicer and you’re good to go.

Besides the florets, which make up the head of a cauliflower, some people might be interested to know if they can juice cauliflower stalks and the leaves, as well.

We can actually juice everything: the florets, the stalks, and the leaves.

If we buy our cauliflowers from the supermarket, there won’t be too many leaves that we can use. Usually, cauliflowers are only sold with a few tiny leaves at the base so there won’t be that many leaves that we can juice.

On the other hand, if we grow our own cauliflowers, we’ll basically have a forest of leaves that we can juice.

You can grab a few and add them to your daily juice. Just keep in mind that the leaves have a stronger flavor than the curd so use fewer.

Thus, some of you might end up choosing to cook the florets and juice the leaves and the stems/stalks. That can be an awesome solution.

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What does cauliflower juice taste like?

cauliflower juice

In a moment, we’re going to see what juicing combinations we can make when cauliflower is among the ingredients.

Before that, let’s see what flavors we should expect when juicing this cruciferous vegetable.

Cauliflower juice can be described as having a nice combination of sweetness, spiciness, and greenness. It is more delicate than the juice of many other cruciferous vegetables so it’s a wonderful choice. It’s better to juice cauliflower than it is to juice broccoli.

Other cruciferous vegetables that you can consider are broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, bok choy, kale, radishes, turnips, collard greens, watercress etc.

Nevertheless, I should also warn you that not everyone is going to be crazy about juicing all these cruciferous vegetables that I’ve mentioned.

For example, we might enjoy a couple of handfuls of watercress if you love the taste of arugula. And the taste of kale in juices is really good. I love using it because I grow it in my gardens and it’s all organic. Thus, leafy greens are always at the top of my list when they’re in season.

However, there will be many people who consider that broccoli is better in stir-fries, in soups and in so many other dishes but it shouldn’t be juiced because it has an overpowering flavor.

For example, this person here mentions that the taste of broccoli juice is strong, foolish, grassy and not too good.

Thus, while we can juice a lot of veggies and fruits, some are best left alone to enjoy in our cooking.

Fortunately, since we’re talking about whether we can juice cauliflower, I should reassure you that cauliflower is one of those veggies that is delicious in many dishes but it’s just as delicious in juices.

Cauliflower juices ingredient combinations

I wouldn’t recommend drinking just plain cauliflower juice. It has a strong flavor so it works best when combined with other veggies and fruits.

You can expect it to yield 6 ounces of juice per pound. But we don’t include the leaves in this measurement, just the florets and the stems.

You can play with different ingredient combinations.

Some people prefer juicing cauliflower together with oranges, carrots, apples and strawberries. This is quite the wonderful combination.

You can also juice tomato, lettuce leaves and cauliflower for a more simple juice with very easy to find ingredients.

Another easy combination is lettuce leaves, carrots, cauliflower, and lemon.

If you can stand the flavor of broccoli in your juices, you can combine broccoli, cauliflower, and beet greens.

And if you’re looking for an usual juice, you can make it from: tomatoes, celery stalk, parsley, carrots, green onion, cauliflower, and 2 cloves garlic. I’m not sure how many people are willing to try this somewhat unusual combination of ingredients.

A much simpler and less unusual combination would be to juice cauliflower with carrots and celery.

Using a juicer to extract pulp from cauliflower

Another way that some people use a juicer is not exactly to make juice but to extract the pulp from cauliflower. This is definitely quite ingenious.

The juicer extracts that pulp easily. We’re left with the pulp in just a few seconds. It’s quite amazing.

Why do some people need the cauliflower pulp?

To make cauliflower crust. It can be a tedious process if you haven’t thought of taking full advantage of a juicer.

If you don’t use a juicer, in order to make cauliflower crust you need to cut the florets, shred them and then put them in the microwave. After it’s done in the microwave, which makes it juicy, then we have to squeeze the water through a cheesecloth. All this can take 15-20 minutes and a lot of effort.

In a juicer, we’re left with the pulp in a few seconds. Then we can use the pulp to make the cauliflower crust very easily.

The crust will have a delicious taste. It’s worth juicing cauliflower even if you’re only interested in the dry pulp. But make use of the juice, too, don’t throw it out.

Cauliflower or cabbage for juicing?

Let’s answer this question with a bit of humor from the wonderful Mark Twain who directed his attention even to cruciferous vegetables by saying “A cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education”.

I love both cauliflower and cabbage for juicing. Plus, I truly enjoy that we can use purple cauliflower or red cabbage if we want a change of color.

I hope that after reading my answer to the question can you juice cauliflower, you’ll take full advantage of your juicer to try many wonderful combinations but you should also remember that you can use your juicer if you want to make cauliflower crust.