6 Best Juicers for Ginger Juice & Ginger Shots

I want to start this article on a positive note so I’m going to tell you that finding the best juicer for ginger is going to be pretty easy.

Why did I start by saying that? Because, in general, all types of juicers can handle tougher fruits and veggies. The complications appear when we want to get a lot of juice out of soft fruits, leafy greens and herbs.

One thing you should know about juicers is that they generally don’t have problems with easily juicing ingredients like carrots, apples, pears, celery stalks, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, ginger, beetroots, etc.

When I wrote my article on the best juicer for berries, I had quite a difficult time finding electric juicers that would get most of the juice out of these soft fruits. It was a lot more changeling than looking for awesome recommendations for the best juicer for ginger.

Moreover, when I reviewed the best juicers for vegans, I mentioned for each of my recommendations whether they can juice leaves just as well as they can juice stalks. The stalks are easy to juice, just as easy as it is to juice ginger. But the leaves might pass through blades without much juice coming out.

Best Juicer for Ginger Reviews

ginger rootNow that we’ve seen that, in theory, all electric juicers should be capable of juicing ginger quite easily, it’s time to see which are the best models we should pay attention to.

1. Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine: Cheapest Juicer for Ginger

Let’s start this search for the best juicer for ginger with one of the most affordable juicers on the market.

If you’re on a budget, this model should be the first you check out. Maybe you can find something better in the same price range but I chose the Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine as my favorite for lower budgets.

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine is a centrifugal juicer

The first thing we should know is that this Hamilton Beach is a centrifugal juicer.

Centrifugal juicers use power to extract juice from veggies and fruits. They spin at high speeds in order to separate the juice from the pulp and that’s why they need powerful motors.

Since they spin at high speeds, they’re also very fast.

If you’re the kind of person without much patience, you’ll like centrifugal juicers very much.

On the other hand, it is believed that centrifugal models don’t make the highest nutrients-packed juices due to heat and oxidation. Since they’re so fast, heat and oxidation are the two repercussions. It is believed that heat and oxidation break down some of the nutrients and enzymes in the juice.

In this respect, cold press and masticating juicers are believed to be superior. However, they’re also slower and their prices start at $200. The best masticating models are sold for $300, $400 or more.

So, if you want speedy juicers that don’t cost too much, pick the centrifugal type. Plus, I believe that not all that many nutrients are lost anyway so I don’t concern myself with that aspect.


It has an 850 watts motor, which is very powerful. That’s to be expected from a centrifugal model.

We also get a 3-inch big mouth chute. That makes juicing faster because we can add whole fruits and veggies and handfuls of leafy greens.

They’re no juice jug so you’ll have to use your own container or glasses to catch the flowing juice.

I like that people mention that it’s pretty easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts and very easy to use. That makes it a great pick for beginners who are getting their first juicer.

How does it juice ginger?

I would have to say that, even if this Hamilton Beach is one of the cheapest juicers we can take a chance on, it’s also one of my favorites.

Nevertheless, there are also negative user reviews about it. So make sure to check some of those out before making your final choice. In my opinion, there’s a high chance that you’ll love it.

Buyers who have used it to juice ginger for their drinks don’t have anything to complain about.

A review mentions that 3 stalks of celery, 6 carrots, a few handfuls of spinach and 1 thumb of ginger resulted in 15.2 oz of delicious juice. That’s a good quantity of juice, enough for 2 people.

You can add some honey to your juices if you want to make them sweeter. Also grated ginger added to ginger can give the honey a pleasant zing, I love the combination of honey and ginger so I had to mention it.

It’s a great natural sweetener for those who want to soften the strong flavor of ginger.

Another user advises us that turmeric and ginger can clog the mesh. To avoid that, we should follow them up with juicy fruits and vegetables.

Plus, you can run the pulp again if you feel that the pulp is not dry enough. It’s something that everyone using a centrifugal juicer should do.

All in all, if you want to spend under $100 on the best juicer for ginger, the Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine can be an awesome pick.

2. Omega Juicer NC900HDC: Overall the Best Juicer for Ginger

Is the Omega Juicer NC900HDC perfect? I’m sorry to say that it’s not. I don’t want you to spend about $400 on a juicer and imagine that you’re going to be ecstatic with it.

There’s a chance that you’re not going to like it at all. There are negative reviews that you should also check out.

Regardless, this Omega Juicer NC900HDC is a fantastic choice if you’re not on a limited budget. It’s not a cheap appliance but it can be a pretty awesome one to have in the kitchen.

Speaking of kitchens, this Omega is not a small appliance. It’s a horizontal juicer that will need a bit of countertop space.

If you need appliances that take up less space, you’ll have to look at horizontal models. Even the above Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine occupies less space.

Omega Juicer NC900HDC is a masticating juicer

I’ve already reviewed a centrifugal model. Now let’s see what the deal is with masticating juicers.

While centrifugal models are the loud ones, the masticating ones are the quiet of the bunch. The same goes for cold press juicers.

I should also mention that cold press and masticating juicers are something considered to be the same thing. They’re also called slow juicers. I don’t necessarily consider cold press and masticating to be the same but that’s a discussion for another time.

Masticating juicers use an auger to slowly chew and crush fruits and vegetables, hence the name. The results are squeezed against a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp.

Masticating juicers or cold press juicers are considered to be superior to the centrifugal kind because it is considered that less nutrients and enzymes are destroyed during the process due to their lower speed.

Besides the technology that makes each of these three types of juicers work, that’s basically the major difference between them, which is not that important to me. But I’m sure that it’s going to be something that interests other people.


It’s a very quiet juicer. In general, masticating juicers are quiet because they don’t use many rotations per minute to produce juice. RPM is the indicator we have for telling us how fast the juicer is spinning.

For example, while a centrifugal model might register between 6,000 and 14,000 RPM, a masticating model will register under 100 RPM.

The NC900HDC has a very low speed of 80 RPM. There are other models that go even lower than that.

This is a clear indication that it’s a quiet appliance. So, if you’re looking for models that are extremely quiet, always go for the masticating type.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry that this isn’t a powerful juicer.

The NC900HDC has a 2HP motor that generates enough torque for whatever tough ingredients you want to juice, including ginger.

It’s incredibly powerful and that’s one of the main reasons for considering it one of the best juicers for ginger.

The resulting juice will be pretty clear so that’s also great.


Besides using it as a juicer, we can also use the Omega Juicer NC900HDC to make baby food, nut butters, nut milks, pasta, and sorbet.

We get 3 noozles for pasta and 1 for breadsticks.

There’s a juice cone, a juice bowl and a pulp bowl made of plastic.

There’s also 1 homogenizing cone included.

Another plus is that it’s easy to clean. Even a complete beginner can disassemble it quickly, put the parts in the dishwasher and that’s it. You can also wash it by hand, it’s still going to be a fast and easy cleaning.

How does it perform as a juicer for ginger?

Due to its extremely powerful motor, it will chew ginger roots without any troubles. It will get most of the juice out of the pulp, which makes it very efficient.

While this Omega Juicer NC900HDC is not terrific when it comes to leafy greens that don’t have substantial stems, it’s absolutely amazing at getting juice out of tougher ingredients like ginger, turmeric, celery, apples, carrots, cucumbers, pears, beets, citrus fruits, etc.

If masticating juicers sound better to you than centrifugal juicers but this Omega Juicer NC900HDC is just too pricey, I recommend checking out my next review, which is somewhat of a cold press model from Breville. It’s almost half the price of this Omega so it might match some people’s budget better.

3. Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer BJE430SIL

After reviewing the Omega Juicer NC900HDC, which costs about $400, let’s return to something more affordable, something that’s half the price.

It’s nice to create a balance between very expensive and more affordable machines because we each have different expectations and budgets.

Cold juicer

This is the name by which this Breville juicer is described. It’s not a cold press, that would imply a different mechanism that it’s not present here. It’s also not a masticating model.

I would say that the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer BJE430SIL is a combination between a cold press and a centrifugal machine.

Breville mentions that they have made it with an innovative cold extraction system.

The Cold Spin Technology is an Italian-made precision mesh filter. This technology has been shown to transfer less than 1.8 degrees F while extracting juice.

It allows us to avoid damage to vitamins and minerals from heat and processing.

Therefore, I chose to describe it as a cold press-centrifugal. It has the power and speed of one but it doesn’t transfer heat when juicing whatever ingredients we want, including ginger.


It has a powerful 850 watts motor. It’s capable of processing the toughest fruits and vegetables in seconds.

If you want to enjoy a cold glass of juice in the morning, this will be delivered to the juice jug in seconds.

However, if it has such a powerful motor, can it also be quiet?

It can’t be quiet but some users actually mention that it’s quieter than they would have expected. If you’re used to how noisy most blenders are, you’ll have no trouble adapting to the noise level it produces.

We get 2 speeds: high (13,000 RPM) for tougher ingredients and low (6,500 RPM) for softer fruits, leafy greens, herbs.

There’s also a 3-inch extra wide fruit chute for juicing whole fruits and veggies, which makes food prep faster.

Last but not least, there’s the 70 oz (2L) easy seal juice jug with a froth separator. Thanks to the easy seal juice jug, we can keep the fresh juice in the fridge for up to 3 days.

The LED display illuminates if the motor has stopped due to overloading, which can help us ensure motor longevity.

How does it perform as a juicer for ginger?

Although I mentioned that the high speed is appropriate for juicing ginger, a user actually mentioned that they’re using the low setting because the high speed doesn’t juice ginger better.

Thus, you’ll have to see which speed is better from your personal experience.

Moreover, if you feel like the juicer hasn’t extracted all the juice from the pulp, I recommend juicing the pulp from the pulp container again. It’s advice that I offer for all centrifugal juicers.

4. Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL

This one has a pretty similar design to the above Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer. They’re both also called Juice Fountain.

The main difference is that the Fountain Plus doesn’t incorporate the Cold Spin Technology.

This Breville is also a bit more affordable but not by much.

It features the same powerful 850 watts motor.

And it comes with a 1.1 qt (approx 1L) juice hug.

We also get 2 speeds. Use the high speed for tougher ingredients, ginger included. Use the low speed for softer fruits, leafy greens, herbs.

The 3-inch extra wide fruit chute is also included.

How does it perform as a juicer for ginger?

The whole thing of the Breville juicers is how powerful they are. The power of their motors is a clear indication that they’re fantastically suited for juicing tough ingredients like ginger, carrots, beets, apples, celery.

But they also work very well for softer fruits like pineapple, oranges, lemons, etc. They’re not that good for leaves but they’re still acceptable.

Thus, the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL is an excellent centrifugal juicer for ginger and many other ingredients. Its direct competitor is the above Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, which is about half its price.

Thus, compare these two if you don’t mind that they’re centrifugal juicers. I don’t, I really like both the Breville and the Hamilton Beach machine.

Both their prices are under $200 but there’s a considerable cost difference between the two. You can decide which is more suitable for your budget.

5. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer

What recommends this Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer as a potential choice for the best juicer for ginger?

I would say that it serves as a potential buy for people who are on a budget and who don’t want a centrifugal model.

Thus, this is one of the cheapest masticating juicers. That’s the first thing that recommends it.

Is it among my favorites?

Not exactly but I think it can work very well for some people. However, I definitely must mention that it also has quite a considerable number of negative reviews. Well, there are juicers sold for $400-$600 that have a lot of negative reviews so it’s not like this only applies to affordable machines.

Still, you should always read both the positive and the negative reviews and then you can decide if you want to give it a go.


I overall really like the design. It’s a horizontal machine that manages to look really great. It will look good in any kitchen.

The 150 watts motor might not seem that powerful but people love using it for juicing ginger so it’s capable of handling even the toughest ingredients.

It can juice ginger, apples, carrots, beets, celery, lemons, leafy greens (kale, spinach), peaches, etc. Thus, you don’t have to worry, the motor handles all kinds of ingredients.

It also has 2 speeds. The manufacturer assures us that we can drink juice with almost no flesh and foam in just a few seconds.

Moreover, it’s pretty quiet, it operates at 60 decibels, which is the level for normal conversation.

It’s also advertised as being easy to clean and easy to disassemble. The one-touch assembly design allows users to disassemble the juicer in seconds.

The components are also dishwasher-safe.

It also has a reverse function to avoid jamming.

All in all, the Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer is an affordable masticating model that can be an awesome purchase for people on a budget who don’t want a centrifugal model.

6. Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5000

At about $600, this Tribest is the most expensive juicer on this list. I mean, we can buy about 10 Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine for the price of one of these.

So, if you’re in the mood to spend a whole lot when you’re buying the best juicer for ginger, this will fit the bill.

I’ve mostly decided to include it here because it would be interesting to see what we can get for the money.

Full disclosure: I could never afford it so it’s awesome if some of you can.


It’s a horizontal juicer so it needs a bit of space on the countertop.

At this price, you might already expect it to be a masticating juicer and it is. The advanced impeller cold press system rotates at a low 110 RPM, generating minimal heat while juicing.

The manufacturer informs us that it has jumbo twin gears, it gives higher yields, incorporates cold press technology, ensures higher mineral & enzyme content, and reduces oxidation.

Besides juicing, it can also be used to make nut butters, sorbets, sauces and pâté thanks to its homogenizing accessories. The twin gears act as a food processor.

Someone actually mentioned in their reviews that cleaning the unit is simple and it takes about 12 minutes from start to finish, including drying. I’ve never measured how long it takes but that’s nice info to know.

Indeed, the Tribest Greenstar Elite is easy to use and easy to clean, even if you’re a complete beginner and this is your first.

How does it juice ginger?

Frankly, I have no trouble believing that it is awesome at juicing tougher ingredients. Even cheap centrifugal models can handle those quite well.

Thus, we can totally expect a superior performance from such an expensive appliance as the Tribest Greenstar Elite.

When I searched for user reviews to see how content they were when juicing ginger, I came across someone who made a comparison about this one, which is a masticating juicer, and their centrifugal juicer.

It seems that the juices have a more intense flavor, the leafy greens were juiced very well, the juicer is not that slow, the machine is very quiet, and the pulp is quite dry. It all sounds extremely awesome.

Moreover, the ginger has the expected flavor but it tastes hotter than with the centrifugal model. Frankly, that’s something that I haven’t noticed in my experience but it’s always nice to read about what others discover throughout various juicing experiences with different machines.

Can you juice raw ginger?

Since we’re here talking about the best juicers for ginger, I’m pretty sure I already answered this common question that some people ask.

I also mentioned that you don’t have to worry about juicers in general being capable of juicing ginger without any problems.

The thing about juicers is that they’re all pretty good at juicing tougher fruits and veggies but some of them are not as capable of extracting all the juice from soft fruits and leaves.

How do I prepare ginger for juicing?

This is really easy. It seems that the whole thing about juicing ginger, including picking the right juicer, is pretty easy.

You just have to wash the ginger really well. You don’t have to peel it because we’re not cooking with it.

The same goes when you’re juicing beetroots. You don’t have to remove the skin, you just have to cut the tails off, cut them into good sized chunks and you’re good to go. Don’t forget about juicing the beet greens, too.

Next, chop the ginger into 1-inch thick pieces.

It depends on your tastes the amount of ginger root you want to add to your juices. For beginners, I recommend adding just a small piece in the beginning because this root has a strong flavor.

I recommend adding ½- to 1-inch piece of ginger to fruits or veggies when juicing. If you make a big batch of juice, multiply that quantity by how many glasses you’re making.

However, there is another solution if you feel like your juicer doesn’t work squeezing juice out of your ginger root.

You can make an infusion and add that to your juice.

Thus, pour ¼ cup boiling water over 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain the infusion and add it to your juice. Leave it in the fridge to cool down a bit if it’s too warm for your juice.

Another way to add ginger to your drinks is to use dried powder. You can add 1 tsp powdered ginger to 1 cup of juice. Whisk until it’s dissolved and that’s it.

A last solution to make ginger juice without a juicer is to grate the root, you don’t need to peel it. Then squeeze the gratings in a cheesecloth. It’s a good method for those who have a bit of force in their hands.

Should I soak the ginger before juicing?

You don’t have to soak it if you don’t want to. You just have to make sure that you’re washing it really well.

However, if you want an even more effective washing method, which can be preferable since we’re not peeling it for juicing, you can soak it in cold water mixed with 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Let it soak for 15 minutes.

What does ginger juice taste like?

Ginger is slightly spicy and slightly sweet. It’s perfect for juicing if it’s used in moderate amounts.

You can combine ginger with whatever other ingredients you want, veggies, fruits, leafy greens, herbs.

Just like the root, ginger juice is spicy and sweet but the flavor is a bit more mild. It’s also going to taste a bit fruity so it’s delicious.

You’re going to love using your newly purchased best juicer for ginger, whether you want to make juice from a combination of ingredients or you just want to start your morning with ginger shots.